The Work of the Greatest of the Great

June 19, 2018

Sung to the tune of The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot


Informal education was the focus today

National Museum of the Great Lakes

The cargo ship Col. James Schoonmaker

Gave a glimpse of the life of a sailor

Inside the building displays from the Lakes

Ranged from ship parts to lights to the fallen

Many ships fell in the rollin’ of waves

The Edmund Fitzgerald was stolen.


A virtual dive made 3 cases for Fitz

A shoal? The weather? Or error?

The song by ole Gordon engages the mind

Of lessons to learn from Fitz terror

What to tweet, snap or text of the terrible fate

Could be an incredible lesson

And write “I survived stories” of other events

A very effective extension.


Upon leaving the rig we made up big time,

by eating our lunches while driving.

Angie drove in good time with the sun all ashine,

at Howard Marsh MetroPark arriving.

Kelly and Dennis provided insight,

about wetlands and birds and construction.

The neighbors misgave some concerns they did have,

wet basements the biggest among them.


“Dewatering we’ll do with a mad pump or two,

if this wetland you’ll let us be building.”

The neighbors agreed and the water was freed,

1000 acres aflooding.

The birds then were glad, plants, frogs and a tad

pole, all were seen by us teachers.

A walk we then took with binos to look,

for stilts and egrets and creatures.


Ideas we gained for the children to train,

without lecture or boredom or doldrum.

The metaphors abound for the wetland is found

to provide us with services and then some.

Nurseries, resting spots, filters and food,

they provide for our flora and fauna.

Recreation and control of the farmer’s soil

In addition, according to Donna.


We spotted a stilt as a parting gift,

From the marsh Toledo calls Howard.

As we departed for home a turtle did roam,

Its rescue not done by a coward.


Contributed by Rebecca Dobson and Marla Miller, June 13, 2018