Teacher Features

Steve Park

Home state: Indiana

I shatter any notions they have about science being a static subject where they simply sit and absorb information.

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Lynn Kurth

Home state: Wisconsin

The students I teach are the folks who are going to make important decisions regarding the future care of the Great Lakes.

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June Teisan

Home state: Michigan

I have found that authentic, exhilarating, challenge-based learning wins out every time and has brought science to life for urban middle school students in my district.

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Patrick Day

Home state: Minnesota

This past July I had an amazing opportunity to spend a week on the EPA’s R/V Lake Guardian ship on Lake Erie.

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Angela Greene

Home state: Ohio

Meet our first outstanding 8th grade teacher from Tecumseh Middle School in New Carlisle, Ohio, and a member of the 2013 Teacher at Sea class, Angela Greene.

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