Shipboard Science Day 5, Lake Huron 2017

July 12, 2017

Greetings from Saginaw Bay!  Donna and Holly are your bloggers today!   After a foggy and overcast morning, we began a busy day of visiting four different sampling stations (Our final station sampling just wrapped up at 10:20PM).  Teams “Fish Anuses” and “Holopedium Jalapenos” have both become well oiled machines in knowing what to do both when “on station” on the fantail and with the rosette; plus developing confidence in the lab identifying zooplankton and fish larvae.

Today we went to four sampling stations in Saginaw Bay.

These four stations in Saginaw Bay, along with the other stations all are located where tributaries enter Lake Huron.  Data collected this week along with other yearly data will help scientists understand how discharge from tributaries impacts Lake Huron’s ecology.  The continuity of tests; a fish larvae tow, fish trawl, PONAR collection of benthic organisms, plankton net, and water sample collections at various depths with the rosette Rosette (“Rosie”) provide the necessary data.  At the same time, teachers are in the lab continuing to identify samples.




Midnight (Tuesday) fish trawl.

Mysis and their zooplankton friends.

Fish larvae sampling.










Dave, Steve and Derek have been the backbone of the operation guiding us through the experimental process.  Their wealth of knowledge will help us teach beyond the walls of our classrooms.  We truly appreciate their patience as they mentor and challenge us to learn more about organisms of the Great Lakes.

Derek led the sampling for water quality testing with the rosette.

Steve (left) and Dave (right) provided leadership in collecting fish larvae & zooplankton samples.

By evening the sun was shining as we quickly took shifts eating supper before working to gather samples at the 3rd and 4th stations.  Both last evening and tonight the collection of samples at the last station occurred as darkness fell as we worked into the wee hours of the morning.  The life of a scientist!

Final fish trawl at sunset in Saginaw Bay.

Another great day on the Lake Guardian!








Holly Yee is a science teacher at Ellis Middle School in Elgin, Illinois.  She teaches 7th grade science as well as the sponsor for the Environmental Club, Robotics team and Science Olympiad.  

Donna Meller is a high school science teacher at Pettisville High School, in Pettisville, Ohio.  She teaches 8th grade science, chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology, environmental science, and a high school research class.  She also coordinates the local science fair and is co-advisor for the STEM Club.