In a Fog and through the Soo: Denis Sullivan 2019 Wednesday, August 7

August 8, 2019

On Wednesday August 7th our B team ( the brilliants) took the first 11 to 3 am shift. Going through the Saint Mary river channel in the dark was an exciting adventure in river navigation. I had never before truly understood the significance and importance of the red and green navigational buoys until it was one of the only ways to make sure that the Denis Sullivan stayed in the shipping channel on an ever-changing river. Even though I have lived in Duluth for 20 years, the clang, clang of the buoy as we passed it in deep darkness took on new meaning as we safely passed. You also never truly appreciate the sheer size of the ore boat until one passes your comparatively small sloop.  The last barrier was to go through the Soo Locks and finally sail into Lake Superior. On a warm, foggy morning we waited in the Soo Lock as the water lifted us and released into the higher elevation of Lake Superior.

Hello, Boozhoo, Ahoy. What is the significance of a simple word? As we travel through the water we all go in and out of the three languages of the boat. Nautical terms help us to understand the parts of the boat and the importance of these parts in the working of the boat. English is the language we all use collectively as we tell our personal and professional tales. Additionally, we are given a gift to hear the words of the Anishinaabe. These words bind us together as humans and make our trip unique and special. By Jeff and Courtney.