Day 4 – S/V Denis Sullivan – Going to the Beach

August 12, 2018

By Sherry and Kellie

The day both started and ended like something you’d see on a beach towel J (Or in your dreams of faraway places – editorial comment by Cindy).


Several of us made our way to the beach in Sheboygan to swim and catch the sunrise.

After breakfast on deck, we walked down the pier to play with the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Benthic Badger II. We took turns driving it, even watching a duck swim from down below and letting a passing boy take his own turn driving.

At 13:51, we cut the engines and began our overnight sail!  We looked forward to being “on watch” and experiencing life as sailor!  The flies were quite bad on board, but we maintained composure for the most part. Thankfully a dragonfly was riding along and may have picked off a few flies.

We looked at macro invertebrates found in leaf packs that had been placed at various points in the Sheboygan River. We noted changes in biodiversity along its course.

We ended the day learning about the history of the Denis Sullivan and a talk about Wisconsin shipwrecks by Tori, a shipwreck archeologist.

As the sun set, we looked forward to another exciting day of camaraderie and learning.