Day 3 – S/V Denis Sullivan – Science Friday August 10, 2018

August 11, 2018

By Bo and Mariah

Here’s what happened today.  The morning started off with a hot cup of coffee and homemade blueberry pancakes.  After breakfast, the watch groups went to work:  soles and bowls, KP duty, and zooplankton sampling.  Once we departed from Port Washington, sails were set, and we broke into four Great Lakes science learning/teaching stations.  We dove into zooplankton identification and a discussion on how to adapt this to the elementary classroom lead by Marte and Cindy B.  Meridith delightfully taught us how to tie knots such as bowlines, square knots, slippery square knots, sheet bends, clove hitches, half hitches, round turn two half hitches and where and how they are used on the boat.  Cindy H and Titus facilitated a discussion about limnology and possible pollution sources in the Great Lakes watershed and how climate change has affected Lake Michigan.  Bo taught a lively lesson on the physics of the boat and possible ways to bring it into our classroom.  It was a very filled and busy morning.

After lunch B watch group was on duty.  Leanne set a course set a course to last year’s sampling station to collect zooplankton and hydrolab data to compare with last year’s data.  As we approached Sheboygan a crew of educators went to the head rig to take down the fore sails and relax.  Once the sails were put to bed and the ship docked, the educators set off to the trolley tour of Sheboygan river restoration projects with Chad and Sarah.  After the rather warm trolley tour we all went for a refreshing dip in the lake.  We picked up Tori who is a Wisconsin marine archaeologist we will be learning about Lake Michigan Shipwrecks.  It was a great day.

Lori at the Hydrolab

Jody lowering the Secchi disk

On the way to the head rig