Day 4 SV Denis Sullivan told by Jess & Eric

August 16, 2017

Our wake up started a bit later than the previous mornings. Most took advantage of a later start time and looked refreshed and eager as we awoken. The plan was to head out of Sheboygan and make it to Manitowoc around dinnertime. The weather was simply pleasant for the day. There was an east wind from 5-10 mph (or 4.435 to 8.69 knots as the nautical experts would say) and a high temperature of 74 degrees (or 23 degrees centigrade as our scientific mentor teachers would say).

After our daily chores of cleaning The Sullivan, we set sail. As we broke into our break out groups, Group A was assigned the “easy” task of counting Zooplankton on a rocking ship (thanks Sarah, we owe you a beer since we couldn’t count that high for that long without feeling funny). These samples were collected yesterday by our group.


Word travels fast on this 138 foot vessel, we overheard (teacher ears) about an opportunity to get into harnesses and climb up the ratlines draped over the top of the mast. Once strapped in, we free-climbed to the cross-trees (top planks), about 50 feet high. Our job was to let out the sails and as James’ three rules were as follows: “#1, don’t let go. #2, Look good falling. #3 Don’t die!”

We wrapped up our zooplankton research and it was already time for lunch. Thanks, Wynn for the ‘hardy/hearty’ meal…This started a ten minute banter of hardy (Jess) vs. hearty (Eric)). The meal consisted of a good ol’ Wisconsin classic: brats and salads. Just like home. Either way, the food has been great. 

Afterword’s, Alex did the “easy” job of wrangling a bunch of teachers up for a sail talk. Sail talk included more commands and terminology regarding the S/V Sullivan and more specifically “coming about.” 

Following many questions and clarifications, the teachers felt like they had the grasp. We then had some downtime teachers either journaled, practiced knots, played with compasses, read, blogged or practiced a new song with Wynn and Stefan.

As we continued our trek towards Manitowoc, we took advantage of the calm wind and collected more water samples. While we were collecting samples, our destination grew closer and closer and began the process of docking the S/V Dennis Sullivan.

With many citizens, boats and drones in the vicinity, the ship had quite an audience as we docked. As we finished docking, crew and passengers enjoyed another fine dinner.

To finish our amazing day, Sherry had organized a song for us to sing.

We shall see what tomorrow brings with a windy and possibly very rainy day.