Day 4: Denis Sullivan with Sarah and Sherry

August 17, 2017

“Life’s not about waiting for the storms to pass…it’s about learning to dance in the rain” -B.J. Gallagher

We not only woke up to the sound of rain, some of us actually felt it as we opened our eyes.  Many of us went to the YMCA to shower before breakfast.  There was a basket of Daily Inspirations where the above quote was drawn by Kris. So fitting.

Radio interview

Radio interview

Radio interview

After an all hands on deck breakfast, Bo, Sue, Sherry, Cindy, and Marte went to the Maritime Museum to do a live radio interview with KDAL, a Duluth radio station, wondering about our fantastic voyage.

Then we proceeded to have a great lesson on designing an ROV, which we finally realized stands for Remotely Operated Vehicle.

Kris as an immigrant

We visited the Maritime Museum. We also had a great presentation on shipwrecks.  Many of us felt excruciatingly tired, but the information was excellent.

We ended the day with a public event.  There were activities and tours of the Denis Sullivan.

From the Denis Sullivan staff handbook

Secchi disk fun

Stefan playing fiddle with musical guest

Maritime Museum fun

Maritime immigrants

Copper art in galley, where Wynne loudly makes amazing food

Ballantine coil

Just so you don’t forget