Day 6, Lake Huron 2017

July 13, 2017

After 5 calm nights, this year’s SSW crew experienced some rolling in their bunks as the Lake Guardian sped through some rougher waters on its way back to Detroit.

With a Detroit ETA of 5 PM, this year’s team split into their three research groups to analyze and summarize the results of the week of sample collection and lab work.  Each research group was advised by one of our three resident scientists, David Jude, Steve Hensler, and Derek Ager.  Much of Thursday was spent poring over spreadsheets of data and creating graphs to discover possible answers to a variety of research questions.

Scientist David Jude led the five “Deck Hands” (Holly, Andy, Jeff, Donna, and Katie) in a study of the maturity and diets of adult fish, particularly in the benthos.

Scientist Steve Hensler led the four “”Classy Copepods” (Marta, Skye, Lori, and Dave) in a study of larvae fish and zooplankton densities at a variety of locations,  depths, and temperatures.

Scientist Derek Ager led the six members of “Team Derek ” (Melanie, Karly, Phil, Sarah, Anna, and Molly) in a study of  water quality in Lake Huron. Using a Rosette to collect water at varying depths, They recorded measurements of pH, alkalinity, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen at each lake station.

After lunch, interested teachers visited the Lake Guardian pilot house and were treated to a Q&A with Captain John Mallard and his chief officers. Melanie even had a chance to sound the horn.

This week has gone by quicky, and the goal of introducing teachers to Great Lakes research methods has been accomplished!

Today’s bloggers were Anna Nelson-Lenhart, a science teacher in the Birmingham School District, and Dave Cusma, a science and math teacher in the Milwaukee Public Schools.