Lake Guardian 2016: Day 1-Shipboard Science-Lake Superior

July 9, 2016


This is Quan in a survival suit, an excellent ice fishing outfit but a little hot on a day like today.  But hey I am good in the ice cold water for up to a day.

  DSCN5373 DSCN5361

Actually, this was a safety drill on the EPA Lake Guardian that all passengers need to complete before we leave port.  The Lake Guardian, 180 feet long and a former oil rig tender, is full of highly specific instruments for collecting water quality data.  These include a PONAR, for collecting bottom sediment samples, a Rosette, for collecting water column temperature, O2, conductivity, chlorophyll, pH, nitrate levels and transmissivity and a net tow for collecting both zooplankton and phytoplankton.


Do we have everybody on board?

Looks like yes, since everybody has moved their dots to the “in” column.



How about these instruments on the bus?  Cool science toys or instruments that we would love to actually have in class or the bus, seriously!  This is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) at its finest.

The lower picture is of the computer showing the real time GPS location of the ship and our next sample location and ETA(Estimated Time of Arrival) at that site so that we can be ready to sample as soon as we arrive. This ship waits for no one, says our chief scientist.



Above is our ship getting ready to go through Duluth’ “Golden Gate” bridge.

What a beautiful engineering lifting bridge using counter weight principle.


Dinner was like Red Lobster buffet style.  Awesome cooks.  I am in heaven.

Hopefully everything stays down.