Day 6 on the Denis Sullivan (August 17, 2016): Karla’s View

August 18, 2016

Interpreting the data from our water samples

We woke up this morning to another beautiful sunrise as we meandered through the majestic cliffs and caves of the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior. We needed to sleep more, but who would want to miss this view while sailing on the Denis Sullivan. Once reaching Madeline Island, we prepared to dock so we can disembark and enjoy our sea legs while on shore. Using the Jacob Ladder was quite an experience as we had to get off a tall ship and onto a motorized raft. A quick trip to shore with our first mission finding a quick ice cream cone while we walked to the Madeline Island Museum.

Our trip to the museum included data interpretation from the water samples taken with the hydrolab equipment. We discovered Lake Superior water to be cooler than Lake Michigan, however Lake Michigan was clearer. We also studied the numbers for the spiny water fleas. Then it was off to the museum’s stockade to learn about the Great Lakes water cycle from mentor teacher, Jim. We all enjoyed this hands on activity as it was very informative. I will definitely use this with my students! We took a quick walk to the beach to have some collaboration time amongst the Sea Grant crew and teachers.

After returning to the Denis Sullivan, it was “All hands on deck” for a wonderful dinner. We all ate together this time instead of in shifts. I helped collect another water sample and learned how to record the data. The end of the evening required us to enjoy another beautiful sunset as a full moon was rising on the other horizon. The crew had us participate in raising the anchor, which became more and more difficult as it was pulled out.

Tori gave another riveting presentation on the Great Lakes shipwrecks and then off to our bunks. The crew was kind enough to take over my boat watch shift so I actually got a little uninterrupted sleep. Tomorrow we arrive in Duluth to participate in the Tall Ships Festival.