July 1, 2014

During the week of July 7-13th, 16 educators from across the Great Lakes basin will be aboard the Lake Guardian for the Lake Erie Shipboard Science Workshop.  This cruise is part of the Center for Great Lakes Literacy’s annual Great Lakes Shipboard Science workshop series that connects educators with scientists aboard the ship.Educator rinsing down a plankton net on Lake Superior in 2011.

The week-long, immersive workshop will offer first-hand explorations of Lake Erie ecology, geology and biogeochemical processes, with particular emphasis on human impacts. Participants will collect planktonic and benthic organisms, as well as conduct water quality data collection and analysis, while traversing Lake Erie from east to west.

Educators working up samples with Dr. Jude on Lake Huron in 2012.

The cruise is designed to promote Great Lakes sciences and pedagogical best practices in formal and informal education, as well as forge lasting relationships between science researchers and educators.

Educators will be posting everyday so follow us as we traverse Lake Erie!