And so it begins…

July 8, 2013

Today we started early with a short lecture on the Great Lakes and then we had the opportunity to meet with a fantastic State Park Educator, Susan Diachun. Susan was generous enough to give up her day off to share her wealth of knowledge about the geology of the Great Lakes. She was a fabulous storyteller and we all especially enjoyed her bear story featuring “Pickles the Rabbit.” Dr. Boyer found out the hard way, when you’re unwilling to participate in a group activity of pass and wrap the rock that it was “too bad for you.”  After some peer pressure, he decided to be a team player.

After returning to the ship we discussed safety protocols and practiced donning out safety “Gumby Suits”, whew!  Then we were ready to go!


We stopped at six sampling sites, they were close together so it seemed one team would be coming in , as another went out. The rest of the day was filled with Secchi disc readings, collecting water samples in the 20 L carboy, and testing water samples collected in the Rosette.  We spent the evening in the rain, with a strike of lightning or two in the distance. We continued sampling all the way into Toronto Harbor well after dark.

We did get a new passenger on board, our official Lake Guardian mascot.  Like Sue would say, ” too bad for you!”