Day 5 – July 12, 2012

July 12, 2012

Today we woke up in the Georgian Bay for our study of two station on the north side of the border. The previous night we had collected Mysis and larval fishes from a location just inside the bay. This morning we collected another sample of larval fish at the same location. We identified a few burbot and a ton of rainbow smelt. While we were expecting to collect more larvae during the night tow, we actually found over twice as many during the day.

After we arrived at the second Georgian Bay station we got out the ship’s ROV and took it down to the bottom. After Marine Tech Johna got everything working, she gave any of us that wanted to an oportunity to fly it. Bo, Doug, Erin and Bobbi each took it for a spin. After getting used to the controls, they each were able to get it to do what they wanted it to (more or less). Doug even collected a few quagga mussles from a submerged log. Dr. Jude got excited when we scared up some gobies, too.

Quagga collection with ROV