Day 3 July 10

July 10, 2012

The third day dawned early with the washing of the pesky May flies at 5:45 am. The Zodiac was deployed shortly after to “abduct” three visiting dignitaries from Tawas, Michigan. Our abductees were David Lusch, Michigan State University; Jim Diana, Director of Michigan Sea Grant program; and Al Taylor, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. After breakfast David Lusch gave us a two hour lecture on the geological origins and history of the Great Lakes.


We then collected samples of algae, zooplankton, fish larvae, fish collection, as well as using gill nets to collect larger fish.


We ate a delicious lunch and returned to our post on the stern of the ship to assist Al Taylor with his soil sample. The soil sample was taken using a tool called the spider core from the center of Saginaw Bay. We came inside the Lake Guardian to remove the stomachs from the fish to see what the fish have been eating.


After the appetizing dissection of several species of Lake Huron fish (White Suckers, Perch, Gobies, and Trout Perch), we then proceeded to the cafeteria to partake of some delicious fish. Then we enjoyed a lecture on “Doom and Gloom” by Dave Jude from the University of Michigan.

We ended our day with a general discussion on the impact of PCB’s and The Decline of Diporeia. For some of us the day is not over, they will do a midnight Mysis tow.

Hi MOM and DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pam Evans, Bobbi McConnell, and Regina Mueller