Day 2, Monday, July 9, 17:56 p.m.

July 9, 2012

Wow! What a busy day! We have been hopping from test to test. We have gathered zooplankton, benthos, and fish larvae. Additionally, we tested water samples from different depths. Using a rosette (water sampling machine) is a new experience for all. Our students routinely conduct tests on water, however we were able to utilize sophisticated electronic equipment to gather our data. We administered pH, alkalinity, hardness, and turbidity tests. It is great to see how these tests are performed by the scientists. It provides us with better information to share with our students back in the classroom. – Marie

We continued our sampling all day. We worked at 4 different stations on Lake Huron finding water quality, fish larva, plankton, and benthic organisms. At the last station before dinner we gathered a gill net that was set in the morning. We caught 2 walleye and a sucker.


The afternoon we studied larval fish. Once we used the key we found that you can find what type of fish it is by looking at anus placement and the number of myomeres (muscle segments before and after the anus). Yes we looked at a lot of fish butts but it was great to be able to identify the fish.

Tonight we will be putting into port at Tawas for the evening before moving into Saginaw Bay in the morning.