Reflections on a Mid-summer Night’s Dream

July 29, 2011

So here it is, Friday morning, and I just finished my laundry. I was busy matching socks, when I went to the galley and realized that Jared and Lisa were nowhere to be found and I must have missed breakfast. All I could find was a half-empty bag of Ginger Snaps. I shook away the morning fog as I realized I needed to move forward on solid ground.

I called a couple of my shipmates and we wanted to share some of our reflections on this past week’s journey. Since departing the Guardian on Wednesday, we are struck by how our perception of everyday things has changed. We find ourselves seeing the world through a different lens, and not just because of the patch. Here are some of the anecdotes we shared:

  • Going down the ladder into the lake and questioning the kind of algae my feet were slipping on
  • Sitting out on the boat, considering flow rate and water quality
  • Cleaning the dog pool, and wondering what kind of algae was growing on the side
  • Looking at the koi in the pond and wondering what they really wanted to eat
  • Listening to NPR and questioning the research methods and data analysis used by the scientist being interviewed

We each have found a strong desire to stay connected to the water and have developed a different kind of appreciation for the chemical, biological, and physical processes that are occurring there.
This trip has truly fostered an appreciation and understanding of scientists as colleagues and resources. As we write this, concerns about our nation’s economic health continue to escalate. We hope that programs like this can continue to exist and that the important research carried out by scientists like ours continues to have sources of funding.

So as the Guardian reaches port today in Milwaukee, the wheels continue to turn as we revisit and process information learned on the trip, look for ways to implement this in our classroom, and find ways to stay connected to our shipmates.


Sweet Mother Michigan, Father Superior
Coming down from Mackinaw and Sault Ste. Marie
Blue water Huron
Rolls down to Lake Erie-o, falls into Ontario
And runs out to sea


Now it’s stuck in your head too!

Sandy, Cindy, and Lynn