July 23, 2011 – The work begins

July 23, 2011

What a privilege it is to work with scientists! For some of us the day began at midnight and for others, it was simply a continuation of their day: day of taking and processing samples. Some of us headed to the labs to search out the smelt larvae hidden within the gelantinous daphnia while others were on deck to pull in the specimens. Some of that included sifting through lake bottom sediment taken from depths ranging from 280-600 feet. Others headed to the biology lab for the magical mystery search to find blue-green algae. So far the search continues for the elusive buggers!


We received word that the ship was passing through the Apostle Islands to which we immediately dashed up to the top deck to stand in awe of the magestic view. The Apostle Islands offer a variety of recreational activities for the outdoor enthusiasts.


Another day comes to an end on this amazing lake we call Superior. Yes she is indeed!