Scientist Spotlights

Christy Meredith

Home state: Minnesota
Research Institution: Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development

One of my goals as a scientist studying aquatic organisms and their environment is to communicate my findings to the public and to decision makers.

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Emily Tyner

Home state: Wisconsin
Research Institution: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, School of Freshwater Sciences

The ups & downs of the research & the awe of discovery are experiences worthy of sharing as they contain life lessons that extend beyond research.

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Tim Hoellein

Home state: Illinois
Research Institution: Loyola University Chicago

Science requires lots of different skills. One often overlooked ingredient for making a good scientist is an open mind with creative impulses.

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Doug Kane

Home state: Ohio
Research Institution: Defiance College and F.T. Stone Laboratory

I grew up a few miles from Lake Erie on a small lake in the western suburbs of Cleveland. Having such a proximity to lakes got me interested in them.

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Dr. Jeanette Schnars

Home state: Pennsylvania
Research Institution: Regional Science Consortium

By sharing information, educators can use tangible examples in class that students can identify with directly.

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Sherri “Sam” Mason

Home state: New York
Research Institution: State University of New York at Fredonia

The educators are the conduits by which I am able to share what I do with a larger audience and for that I am especially grateful and appreciative

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Kristin Stanford

Home state: Illinois
Research Institution: Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory

My specific research goals have focused on documenting the effects of the invasive Round Goby on the Lake Erie watersnake populations.

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Joel Hoffman

Home state: Minnesota
Research Institution: US Environmental Protection Agency National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory, Mid-Continent Ecology Division

I truly enjoy working with educators and am constantly impressed with their scientific curiosity and enthusiasm.

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