Kirill Shchapov

Scientist in Training

Home state: Minnesota
Currently a student at: University of Minnesota Duluth, Large Lakes Observatory
Primary Research Topic(s): My PhD project is focused on understanding the functioning of lake ecosystems in winter, an understudied period in the annual cycle of lakes
Where will you be heading next?

I am planning to find a postdoctoral position and pursue my scientific career in limnology.

Describe your potential research interests:

As a limnologist, I am interested in:

  • Food-webs research;
  • Lake seasonality;
  • Winter Limnology;
  • Climate change.
Describe an experience you’ve had that piqued your interest in science as a future career.

As an undergrad student at Irkutsk State University (Siberia, Russia), I had a limnology class with a fieldwork day on Lake Baikal.  We went to the lake and spent all day on a big research vessel collecting various limnological parameters, talking about different aspects of science.  On that day, I realized that limnology can be the right career path for me.

Why do you think it is important for students to get involved in science careers?

The world is teeming with questions, and science is the way to get the answers. We need more scientists to understand the nature around us and make sure we save it for further generations.

What advice would you give to younger students interested in science?

Do not be afraid of asking questions!