Application Form

9/15/14: I modified our CGLL workshop application form to make it generic for any workshop. It is on Survey Monkey and is called CGLL Workshop Application. It contains all the fields we would collect from an educator. Uses, as I see it:
The application will be available to staff as a PDF through the admin section
People posting upcoming workshops need to be able to link to this as a live form, and the results should be available as a spreadsheet OR as individual applications (as is possible in Survey Monkey).

So, to keep things tidy, I guess it should be possible to have applications that come in for one particular workshop go into their own spreadsheet. Then the staff administrator can add those who want to be added into the larger educator contact database.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The application contains all the fields that we need to have available in the Master Educator Database.

1. Do we just leave it as a Survey Monkey form?
2. Do we adapt it to be our own form? As it is now, not all staff are equally adept at working in Survey Monkey (NOT that it is hard to use, but…..). So is there a better way that doesn’t require going to another site?
3. How we use it:
a. We gather the apps and create an Excel spreadsheet that allows all of us to review all the applicants before making selections.
b. We also print out each applicant’s application when we need that format.

I’ve added a question to the application that asks whether teachers would like their name and contact info added to our database to be alerted about future opportunities. It would be ideal if those that say yes automatically go into our master teacher contact database.

NOTE: The generic application form would ideally be modifiable for new workshops (modifiable by staff administrators)

Link to survey design page in survey monkey:
Login information: username: [email protected], password: h2o4ever.

PDF of application form: CGLL Educator Application Form