Play Parts of the Webinar Recording

Webinar Videos (2/12/16): List of video files

1_Introduction to Challenge (2:01)

2_Nutrient Pollution (8:08)

3_GLEI-GLEAM Mapping Utility (2:58)

4_GL Monitoring- Data Resources (8:01)

5_Screencasts (10:11) à shows all three screencasts

(6 – 8 are the screencasts on their own, but with introductory comments for each)

6_Resource out of Place (3:07)

7_Cleaner Air Cleaner Bay (2:53)

8_SPARROW Mapper (3:28)

9_Create a Story Map (31:42)

10_Q and A (11:10)

11_GeoMentors (2:19)

Within the Create a Story Map video, some points of interest are:

0:48- ArcGIS Online website introduction

1:22- Introduction to story maps

3:32- Information about creating an ArcGIS Online account

6:35- First steps to creating a new story map

9:25- Choosing a story map layout

10:38- Adding an image to the main stage

12:15- Adding content to the side panel

13:36- Adding a website to the main stage

16:28- Adding a map to the main stage

19:40- Adding a video to the main stage

28:39- Saving and sharing your story map