Visualize Your Water Challenge Webinar

Held on January 26, 2016, this 1.5 hour webinar includes an overview of nutrient pollution issues in the Great Lakes, online utilities and tools for finding and visualizing Great Lakes data, how to access ArcGIS online (free to educators) and build “storymaps,” and how to participate in the Visualize Your Water high school challenge (submission deadline March 1, 2016). Learn more about the challenge at

Access the webinar at the WebEx link below (“Play recording”).

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016
3:10 pm  |  Central Standard Time (Chicago, GMT-06:00)
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Webinar Outline and Times:

1. About the challenge (3:53- 6:00)

2. About the problem in Great Lakes (6:42-14:37)

3. Examples, ideas and tools (14:38-25:47)

a. GLEI-GLEAM tool (18:11-24:06)

b. More resources (24:07-25:46)

c. Screencasts (28:35-40:15)

4. Build a Story Map (40:16-1:12:29)

5. Question and answer session (1:14:30-1:27:00)

More Resources:

  • NEW! Getting to Data (10 min)
    • This 10-minute screencast shows the mechanics of obtaining, manipulating, and visualizing water quality data from the “Great Lakes Monitoring” website using Excel and ArcGIS Online.
  • Tips for Data Sources and Visualizations
  • A Resource Out of Place Screencast (1 min, 51 sec)
    • This screencast of “A Resource Out of Place” developed by Landscape Metrics visualizes the role of nutrients on water quality in Lake Erie.
  • Cleaner Air, Cleaner Bay Screencast (1 min, 26 sec)
    • This screencast of the “Cleaner Air, Cleaner Bay” Story Map Journal developed by the Chesapeake Bay Program visualizes how air pollution affects water quality in the Bay.
  • SPARROW Mapper Screencast (2 min, 40 sec)
    • This screencast of the “SPARROW Mapper” for the Great Lakes and Upper Mississippi River basins developed by the U.S. Geological Survey visualizes the origin and fate of Phosphorus and Nitrogen pollution.

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