The Great Lakes Rock! Webinar Archive – COSEE Great Lakes 2008

This series of six lectures will develop knowledge of the geology of the Great Lakes, including guidance to teaching about Great Lakes geology and connections to human activity.

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Outline of Lectures:

  1. Geologic Materials, Processes and Principles by Dr. James D. Miller, UMD-Dept. of Geological Sciences (last slide includes a geologic timescale scaled to 1 week) Background information about geologic processes, principles, and materials of the Great Lakes.
  2. Improving Ocean Literacy by Teach the Geology of the Great Lakes by Dr. David Lusch, Michigan State-Dept. of Geology. Focus on the Ocean literacy principle 2: “ocean and life in the ocean shape the features of the earth” Great Lakes as Inland Seas. Landforms seen today were once underwater, movement of water erodes and deposits material.
  3. Fossils of the Great lakes Region as Indicators of Sea Invasions By Dr. C. Eddie Herdendorf, Ohio State University – Dept. of Geology (fossils of the Great Lakes as demonstration of how the area was once covered by ocean)
  4. Great Lakes Geological Processes, lake Levels and Coastal Erosion by Dr. Scudder D. Mackey, University of Windsor – Visiting Research professor, (focus on lake levels, coastal erosion, natural mitigation, and our response to erosion, including shoreline hardening and sand resource management)
  5. Great Lakes Geology -The Human Connection by Dr. Rosanne Fortner, COSEE Director (good overview of Great Lakes Geology, including cultural history, early settlement and economy around the Great Lakes) Ocean literacy principle 6: Oceans and Humans are inextricably connected,
  6. Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL) in Ann Arbor MI by Dr. Steven A. Ruberg (how and what research is being done in the Great Lakes)

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