Great Lakes Overview Webinar Archive – COSEE Great Lakes 2006

This series of lectures will develop awareness of the magnitude of the Great Lakes of North America, and describe the differences among the Lakes’ distribution of population, fish production, water resources, and pollution. All activities can be found in the Curriculum Resources.

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Outline of Lectures:

  1. Welcome and Overview
    1. Workshop plans, curriculum activities (, overview of goals
  2. Great Lakes Overview by Helen Domske, NY SeaGrant from St. Paul MN, Oct 11, 2006
    1. “Gee wiz” info about the Great Lakes, major issues facing the region
  3. Regional Resource Distribution by Brian McGinnis UMD-Dept of Education
    1. History of the Ojibwe Anishinaabe people of the Great Lakes, their lifestyle and history with regard to Lake Superior.
    2. (Activity) How Big is a Crowd? Activity to represent population around the Great Lakes
    3. (Activity) Ojibwe Story Telling. The Mishomis Book to use a group to tell the migration story. Each person gets part (1 of 7) of the story. Read the story, re-tell from memory (no notes or references)
  4. Great Lakes food pyramid and biodiversity
    1. (Activity) Who can harvest a walleye? Understanding transfer of biomass through trophic levels using a board game.
  5. Climate Change Impacts on the Great Lakes
    1. (Activity) Visualizing Changes in the Earth’s System. Using climate change as manifested in the Great Lakes and what we’d expect to see, how it affects people, animals, processes.
  6. Aquatic Invasive Species in the Great Lakes
    1. (Activity) Don’t Stop for Hitchhikers! Role playing game. Students take place of lake inhabitants and exotic species to identify how they interact and how they are transported/how to stop the spread of invasive species
  7. Aquatic Invasive Species in the Great Lakes
    1. (Activity) Water Hyacinth Jeopardy
    2. (Activity) Hurricane Bingo, Comparisons between the Great Lakes/Inland Seas, and Salty Seas
  8. COSEE Great Lakes: Looking Back and What’s on the Horizon? Presentation by Dr. Rosanne Fortner, COSEE Director

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