Webinar Archives

A Primer on Lake Superior’s Geological Setting Webinar Archive 2016

In this 36-minute webinar, Dr. Paul McKinney, Large Lakes Observatory, University of Minnesota-Duluth describes the formation and geology of Lake Superior.

A Primer on Lake Superior’s Limnology Webinar Archive 2016

In this webinar, Dr. Donn Branstrator describes the animal and plant communities of Lake Superior, as well as the physical processes of water movements. He explains how these things interact and affect each other.

Visualize Your Water Challenge Webinar Archive 2016

This 1.5 hour webinar covers nutrient pollution issues in the Great Lakes, online utilities and tools for finding and visualizing Great Lakes data, how to access ArcGIS online (free to educators) and build “storymaps,” and how to participate in the Visualize Your Water high school challenge (submission deadline March 1, 2016). Additional resources included.

Great Lakes Overview Webinar Archive – COSEE 2006

This series of eight lectures will develop awareness of the magnitude of the Great Lakes of North America, and describe the differences among the Lakes’ distribution of population, fish production, water resources, and pollution. Linked activities can be found in the Curriculum Resources.

The Great Lakes Rock! Webinar Archive – COSEE 2008

This series of six lectures will develop knowledge of the geology of the Great Lakes, including guidance to teaching about Great Lakes geology and connections to human activity.

The Great Lakes Alive! Webinar Archive – COSEE 2009

This series of six lectures covers the life of the Great Lakes, including biota, invasive species, food webs, environmental health, and human interactions.