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R/V Lake Guardian

Story Map: 2023 Shipboard Science Workshop on Lake Ontario

15 teachers and educators from across the Great Lakes spent a week aboard the US EPA R/V Lake Guardian on Lake Ontario from July 6-12, 2023. Learn more about their experience in this story map.

Through a partnership with the US EPA Great Lakes National Program Office, educators spend a full week alongside researchers aboard the US EPA R/V Lake Guardian. Facilitated by Great Lakes Sea Grant Network educators, the Shipboard Science Workshops, one per year, rotate among the five Great Lakes and are designed to promote Great Lakes sciences while forging lasting relationships between Great Lakes researchers and educators. Past participants have described the experience as a “once-in-a-lifetime, professional learning opportunity.”

These shipboard workshops provide a unique opportunity that cannot be duplicated by any other educational entity in the basin; living and working alongside Great Lakes scientists on a vessel conducting critical research is truly an amazing opportunity for educators.

Beyond participating in the shipboard science workshop, educators also receive a stipend to support integration of Great Lakes Literacy through experiential learning and stewardship with their learners.

R/V Lake Guardian Shipboard Science Workshop Schedule

  • 2023: Lake Ontario.
    • Fifteen educators worked alongside scientists aboard the R/V Lake Guardian from July 6-12, 2023 in Lake Ontario. Learn more about their experience in this story map.
  • 2024: Lake Erie
  • 2025: Lake Michigan
  • 2026: Lake Superior
  • 2027: Lake Huron
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