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Learning Opportunities

Professional Learning For Educators

The Center for Great Lakes Literacy (CGLL) serves to offer explorations of Great Lakes topics and issues, with particular emphasis on human impacts on the Great Lakes. CGLL field experiences increase participants’ knowledge, comfort with the material, and confidence in sharing it with students.

CGLL education efforts support a variety of professional learning opportunities for educators that focus on participatory learning and place-based education practices. These Sea Grant-facilitated programs and workshops include shipboard science experiences, shoreside educator workshops, virtual learning, educational resources and more.

See a list of programs and workshops for Professional Learning for Educators


Youth Opportunities

The Center for Great Lakes Literacy (CGLL)  is committed to creating student-driven opportunities that engage students of all ages in hands-on learning, research, and community engagement initiatives. Our CGLL programming serves to engage youth – through their learning  – as valued coastal community and and Great Lakes conservation partners and leaders.

Supporting educational practices in both school and community contexts, the CGLL approaches youth engagement in Great Lakes learning using a variety of instructional methods. These activities can include classroom lessons or summer camp programs; meaningful watershed education experiences; and applied place-based education instructional practices and stewardship opportunities.

See a list of lessons and programs for youth


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