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Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant

Megan Gunn
Education Specialist
Janice Milanovich
Great Lakes Educator
Kristin TePas
Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development Coordinator, and Great Lakes Outreach Specialist

Michigan Sea Grant

Meaghan Gass
Extension Educator
Todd Marsee
Graphic Designer
Elliot Nelson
Extension Educator
Angela Scapini
Extension Educator
Brandon Schroeder
Extension Educator

Minnesota Sea Grant

Maggie Karschnia
Stormwater & Watershed Extension Educator
Amy Schrank
Extension Program Leader
Kelsey Prihoda
Sea Grant Great Lakes Transportation Extension Educator

New York Sea Grant

Nate Drag
Coastal Literacy Specialist

Ohio Sea Grant

Angela Greene
Education Specialist
Jill Bartolotta
Extension Educator
Lyndsey Manzo
Education Specialist
Sarah Orlando
Extension Educator; Program Manager

Pennsylvania Sea Grant

Michelle Niedermeier
Education Lead

Wisconsin Sea Grant

Anne Moser
Senior Special Librarian and Education Coordinator
Ginny Carlton
Education Outreach Specialist

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