Land Ho!

After two days at sea, we went into port in Clayton, New York, where we got to walk on land for the first time since first departing Youngstown. Our day began right after breakfast with a visit to the Thousand... Read More →

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During the week of July 7-13th, 16 educators from across the Great Lakes basin will be aboard the Lake Guardian for the Lake Erie Shipboard Science Workshop.  This cruise is part of the Center for Great Lakes Literacy’s annual Great... Read More →

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Day Two

Scientific Bright and early, at 7:00am, the first group was out to do a full collection as the demo was cut short last night due to a storm with lightning. Today we were faced with intermittent rain and waves. Participants... Read More →

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Land O Sweet Land

Friday July 11, 2014 Friday started early for the crew of the R/V Lake Guardian with a 1:00 am Station and it started out in horrible fashion.  The Manta Trawl we used for collecting plastics off the surface of the... Read More →

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Day 6 – Put-In-Bay

LAND HO!  Today, we weary travelers disembarked the ship for a day in Put-In-Bay.  Our activities were centered around the environmental, educational and scientific happenings at the Stone Laboratory and Perry’s Peace Memorial.  Here, we met great people doing great... Read More →

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