Teachers exploring threatened Lake Sturgeon and their habitats alongside fisheries researchers from Michigan State University
Day 1 of 2015 Michigan Summer Institute, Lake St. Clair Metropark
Educators learn about watersheds by kayak while practicing aquatic stewardship service, removing invasive European Frogbit.
Sunset from the deck of the Lake Guardian.
Sorting and identifying Mysis and other small zooplankton from Lake Huron samples
Erie, Pa. students stencil storm drain message.
Educators and students learn about Great Lakes ecosystems
A dragonfly catches a ride on the R/V Lake Guardian on Lake Superior.
Students use a hydrolab sonde to check water quality.
Educators and researchers on Lake Ontario, 2013.
Filtering bottom-living organisms found in the sediment samples collected by PONAR bottom sampler
Educators experience a survival suit, designed for keeping someone alive in cold water.
Educators working up samples with Dr. Jude on Lake Huron in 2013.
Lake Guardian, carrying researchers and educators into the Great Lakes.
Sunset, from the deck of the Lake Guardian.
Data crunching or curriculum building is always better with a view of the lake.
Preparing to deploy rosette sampler, gear used in collecting multiple water samples at deep depths.
Educators identify macroinvertebrates and other aquatic organisms gathered from the Lake Guardian.
Educators and researchers collaborate on the Lake Guardian.
Educators aboard the Lake Guardian
Joel Hoffman (EPA) and educators admire walleyes caught in the bottom trawl.
Educators and researchers gather data in the Great Lakes
In the lab, sorting Mysis and other small zooplankton from sampled from Lake Huron
Educators and researchers help deploy the sondes used to gather water quality data from the Great Lakes.
Joel Hoffman (second row, third from right) poses with his research team of educators.